Medellin Here We Go (Again!)

A Connection Between Medellin and Chicago

Hey everyone,

Nick and Lulu checking in! We thought it was high time we shared a bit more about the Aribia Furnished Home Rentals journey and how two cities, seemingly worlds apart, have played such pivotal roles in our story.

Medellin: A Part-Time Love Affair While many associate us with Chicago, our connection with Medellin, Colombia, runs deep. No, we never lived there full-time, but during the peak of COVID-19, we found ourselves partially residing in this beautiful city. Medellin, with its vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes, offered a refreshing change of pace and perspective during those challenging times.

Why Medellin? You might wonder why Medellin holds such a special place for us. Beyond its undeniable charm, it was the city's resilience, warmth, and spirit during the pandemic that truly resonated. Those partial stays, though brief, were filled with inspiration, leading us to lay the groundwork for what would become Aribia Furnished Home Rentals.

Chicago: Our Mainstay Chicago, on the other hand, has been our primary base and the main stage for Aribia's growth. The city's dynamic energy, diverse community, and endless opportunities have been instrumental in shaping our vision and offerings.

Looking Ahead With our foundation in Chicago solidified, we're turning our gaze back to Medellin. We're excited to announce an expansion in the city that played such a crucial role during our formative days. This new property is not just an addition to our portfolio; it's a nod to a city that, even in brief encounters, left a lasting impact.

In wrapping up, our journey, influenced by both Medellin and Chicago, has been a blend of inspiration, challenges, and growth. We're incredibly grateful for the experiences both cities have offered and are eager to see what the next chapter holds for Aribia Furnished Home Rentals.

Thanks for joining us on this ride, and here's to the adventures that await!


Nick & Lulu